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    Job posting: Director of Supply Chain

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      Director of Supply Chain


      Company Description


      BCI is a contract packaging company.  By providing superior customer service and quality workmanship, BCI has established itself as one of the leading specialized packaging companies in the Midwest.  We perform a variety of packaging and assembly work and 3PL services.  We are also one of the largest sheltered workshops in Missouri, proudly providing productive and fulfilling job opportunities to over 250 individuals who have developmental, physical or mental disabilities.


      Job Description

      The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for managing warehousing, inventory, logistics, sourcing, and customer service activities for all BCI locations.  The Manager will implement strategies designed to enable effective and efficient operations that result in meeting packaging, product warehousing and logistics needs, limit costs and improve accuracy, customer service and safety.



      Identify and implement best in class logistics and distribution systems and infrastructures, along with the enforceable disciplines required to maintain a seamless supply chain operation.


      Maintain an optimized supply chain model for all locations.  Key focus includes vendor and supplier management, inventory management/warehousing and logistics, quality, customer service and profitability.


      Collaborate with Sales & Marketing on new business opportunities and managing the sourcing and/or logistics quotations.


      Collaborate with other functional areas to maximize schedule flexibility, quality, safety and on time deliveries while maintaining performance to cost targets.


      Manage all vendor and supplier relationships. Regularly evaluate supplier performance for cost, deliverables and quality standards.


      Implement and execute a continuous improvement program for supply chain functions.


      Ensure that all supply chain processes are properly documented and that quality procedures are followed.



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