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    Supply Chain Strategy in the Boardroom Survey - Follow up

    Silvia.Rossi Novice

      Dear All,


      I would like to thank you for the support received in completing the online questionnaire.

      Thanks also to those of you who completed the questionnaire, the Research Team managed to have a high number of responses.

      The respondents' profiles are at a very high senior level.

      In order to enrich the findings, we would like to run a series of in-depth interviews with practitioners before winter break.

      At the end of this round of interviews, a report will be ready, part of which will be posted on this website.


      Would you like to be one of the interviewees?


      The interview will last around 45 minutes and it is aiming at better understanding:

      - The Board Room perception of the Supply Chain Strategy, and

      - How the Supply Chain Strategy is developed and implemented.



      To ensure confidentiality of your data, please send your interest to my email: silvia.rossi@cranfield.ac.uk.