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    Modi's Party wins elections-India to be back in high growth league

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      The results of the elections in the worlds largest democracy are out. Narendra Mody's BJP has had a thumping win.With Narendra Modi as PM, India is likely to be back in the high growth league and it won't be a surprise if Goldman Sachs which made "BRIC" famous earlier is now forced to think about changing "MIST"(Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea & Turkey) to "MISTI"(the additional I for India). So high has been the hopes and trust on Modi turning around the country that the BSE Sensex the pulse of the Indian industry & stock market has shot up @ 35% in the run up to the elections

      Takeaways for Supply Chain
      1) GST bill likely to be introduced soon (within the year)

      It will eliminate need for any B2C company to have 25-35 stockpoints and who can then manage with 4-7 stockpoints

      This shall create need for mega warehouses in these 7 locations.

      2)Food Storage and Cold chain logistics industry will get a boost inview of multi billion dollars of storage losses


      Shreyas Malkan