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    Supply Chain needs mindset change from a "Farmer's" to an "Hunter's"

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      Supply Chain Function's role has changed over the years from a balancing and supportive role to that of a key driver of business results. In the process Supply Chain function has to transform its mindset from "Farmer's" to a "Hunter's", (No longer a sales monopoly)
      1) Supply Chain function has to go beyond chasing and negotiating to understanding and meeting Customer's                   CTQ requirements & be the "Uncompromising Voice of the Customer" 

      2) Hunter approach means one has to hunt for

      •      New substitutes/new processes, best sources new vendors, hunt for solutions.
      •      Transform from being at mercy of others to driving others to cut the redtape and make things happen even in adverse situations.
      •     Unlike a farmer like approach which would mean blaming the raingods for lost production, colleagues                      for  delaying po release, customs and transporters for delays, blaming marketing for not accepting substitutes.

      3) This transformation is the need of the hour.

      4) The SCM leader has to develop aggression and passion in his team to be aggressive in working

           with sales for forecasting better,with production for minimising breakdowns and ordering/ liquidating inventories      with accountants {who know the costs of everything and value of nothing}.

      5) A hunter approach would help move the Supply Chain function to the forefeont and also make the case for a                    Chief Supply Officer in every organisation.


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