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    SCM World releases study on demand management

    Melissa Clow Expert

      I wanted to alert you to the release of a recent SCM World research study on demand management.

      Demand Management 2020: On a First-Name Basis


      Enhanced customer loyalty is the top-rated value created by a high-performing supply chain. Capturing this loyalty in 2020 will require targeted product and service offerings through mass customisation. Customer demand will be analysed at the macro level and all the way down to the individual. In response, leaders of demand management must lay the path to “mass granularisation” of demand data. New digital capabilities such as big data, the internet of things and social media provide the means to this mass granularisation. This report shares a view of the future of demand management, the path to that future and a focused look at the technology and service providers that will support both.


      Read the full report on the SCM World site >>



      You can also check out a blog post Miami Vice, Diapers, SCM World and the Digital Supply Chain by CJ Wehlage where he includes a few paragraphs from the report.


      ..."As the SCM World report “Demand Management 2020” states, “Value to the customer encompasses the product purchased as well as the complete experience around that purchase (Demand Management 2020, SCM World, Research Report, March 2014).”


      Our discussion came back to how a supply chain practitioner can participate in building a “digital” product.  Certainly it takes marketing, engineering, and sales innovation, but also supply chain innovation.


      Having worked at Kinaxis for a little over a year, I told Kevin, “one of the main benefits I see our customers achieving is planner productivity”.  Our end-to-end planning with exception based notifications and simulation removes steps from the process and brings significant speed. The result is that planners are more productive.  Or said another way, planners can spend more time on innovation.


      The SCM World report states, “It is this translation (across demand and supply), that brings about the ability to evaluate different strategic scenarios (Demand Management 2020, SCM World, Research Report March 2014).”  Our discussion continued along these lines.  In order for supply chains to test innovation, planners need simulation capability to create scenarios.  In essence, test the innovation against operational realities and metrics.  At Kinaxis, our customers do just that. Achieve the benefit of planner productivity and use it to simulate scenarios.  Scenarios improve profit margin, inventory turns, operating costs, value to the customer, new product ramps, revenue growth, capacity, etc." ...


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