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    Upcoming Webcast: Improving Supply Chain Strength and Resiliency

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      Hi community members,

      I wanted to let you know about an upcoming webcast from Supply Chain Insight's Metrics That Matter Series: Improving Supply Chain Strength and Resiliency.

      When: Thursday, April 24, 2014 2:00PM Eastern Daylight Time - Register Today: Supply Chain Strength and Resiliency


      Supply Chain Insight's webcast details:

      What is supply chain excellence? How have companies met the challenge? We wanted to know.


      At Supply Chain Insights, we believe that supply chain leaders need a measuring stick. It is our belief that the methodology should be for all companies independent of size. We also believe that there is a need to compare companies within their industry peer groups. We do not believe that it should be a beauty contest. We think that the numbers should tell the story.


      We understand the need. If you agree with our methodology to determine supply chain excellence, the Supply Chain Index is designed for you. It is a mathematical analysis of supply chain ratio performance for the years of 2000-2013. As an output of the methodology, you will gain insights on company and industry performance for strength, resilience and balance against a company’s peer group.


      This research project has been two years in the making. The topic of supply chain excellence is not trivial. It requires much thought. To understand the patterns, we asked the experts in operations research at Arizona State University to help. Join us for this webinar to understand:


      •    What is the Supply Chain Index? When will it be released?

      •    Overview of the methodology. How did we develop the index? What do we see in the industry trends?

      •    How can supply chain leaders use the Index?

      •    If you disagree with the methodology, now is the time to act. Learn how you can give input to us as we finalize the methodology to be released in early May.


      In this webinar, we will be giving preliminary results of some industry peer groups.


      Presenters for the webinar are Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights; Abby Mayer, Research Associate of Supply Chain Insights and George Runger, Interim Chair of the Operations Research Department of Arizona State University.


      You can follow along with the conversation on twitter at #SCIWebinar





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