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    Supply Chain Risk Management: An Issue for Your Firm?

    lcecere Apprentice

      Supply Chain Risk Management Practices are a decade old. Many have risen from work with insurance companies and the need to improve/reduce the company's risk to improve insurablity. However, with more outsourcing of the extended supply chain risk is rising. There are more and more supply chain outages due to weather, geopolitical issues and global economies. Where are you in the evolution of risk management practices?


      We can help. We have developed a confidential survey that enables you to get an answer from filling out a 15-minute survey. The survey is confidential. The results of the survey will be available in May, and all respondents to the survey will get a summary of the report. Check it out. We look forward to hearing from you!


      Webinar: :https://supplychaininsights.webex.com/supplychaininsights/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=668602820

      Survey:  http://www.survey.supplychaininsights.com/rm/cgi-bin/ciwweb.pl?StudyName=rsk1402&u=scilc