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    New job posting: Supply Network Planner

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      Supply Network Planner


      Bristol-Myers Squibb Company


      Job Description


      PRINCIPLE OBJECTIVE OF POSITION: A. GLOBAL SUPPLY PROCESS with the following specific process elements:

      1. Global Supply Network Planning Process to develop a feasible Master Production Schedule (MPS) for all manufacturing sites both, internal sites and CMOs


      2. Appropriate, but robust integration with other global planning processes e.g. Demand, Inventory, S&OP


      3. Appropriate, but robust integration with other Mega processes e.g. New Products Launch Management Process


      4. Create and maintain BMS capability to provide comprehensive information, analytics and visibility around Product Supply status to all cross functional stakeholders B. EXECUTION ACCOUNTABILITIES


      1. Lead the functional Supply Network Planning to develop a feasible MPS (consensus with sites/CMOs) and driving compliance for assigned manufacturing sites


      2. Provide on target service levels by balancing supply and inventory levels at each node of the Global Supply Chain, consistently


      3. Escalate all major supply constraints to the respective forums for rapid resolution


      4. Accountable to run and insure integrity of Supply Consensus; Supply Review processes in support of S&OP 5. Support Global Demand, Global Inventory and S&OP Business Owner to develop Demand Consensus; Deman Review; New Product Review; Financial Reconciliation and Management Business Review forums SCALE & SCOPE OF THE ROLE: No. of Finished Goods SKUs Planned, Globally: 4300 No. of Countries Supported: 67 No. of Manufacturing Sites Supported: 13 BMS; Approx 80 CMOs Total COGs for Planned Portfolio $ 5, 000 MM MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:


      • Accountable for developing and mainting a valid supply network plan for assigned global manufacturing sites (internal and CMOs)

      • Accountable for developing what-if supply scenarios and develop recommendations in response to actual or anticipated changes in demand or supply.

      • Accountable for developing what-if supply scenarios to continuously improve performance relating to both service levels and total costs thru continuous evaluation of supply, outsourcing strategies, product strategies and the positioning of inventory across the network.

      • Accountable for leading the Supply Consensus/Supply Review processes, communicate decisions and supply impacts to all stakeholders, escalation and prioritization of supply responses around all issues and opportunities impacting customer service to stakeholder



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