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    Call For Survey Participants! A Supply Chain Alignment Questionnaire by Supply Chain Insights

    Melissa Clow Expert

      Hi Community Members! I wanted to pass along the opportunity to participate in Supply Chain Insights survey on Supply Chain Alignment.


      This survey is targeted at those working in manufacturing companies and hopes to find out how organizations align functions (sales, marketing, finance, information technology, source, make and deliver) to actualize the supply chain strategy. They are also looking to learn, ‘How well do they work together to drive opportunity?’ and ‘which pieces of the organization are better aligned?’


      And, if you decide to participate, they keep your answers confidential. But, Supply Chain Insights will give you an hour and share the data freely. Join this study to find the results!




      The objective of this survey is to understand how different groups within manufacturing companies view their supply chain agility, team alignment and performance against functional goals.


      The scope of the survey:

      • This survey is targeted at manufacturing companies
      • Your trust is important to us: all responses will be kept anonymous and only reported in aggregate
      • If you take the survey, we will share the results with you, helping you to benchmark your company against your peers
      • Supply Chain Insights is offering all participants a personalized, one-hour phone call to review the results with you


      Interested in participating? Take the survey!


      Feel free to invite your colleagues to take this study too.