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    Financial Forecasting & Planning Innovation

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      Financial Forecasting & Planning Innovation


      FP&A from Budgeting to Strategic Influence



      February 20 & 21, 2013

      San Diego, CA



      The Financial Forecasting & Planning Innovation Summit brings together FP&A leaders for a thought leading summit acclaimed for its innovative insight.

      Finance Execs in 2013 who are looking to develop a systematic approach to link strategic plans, budgets, and forecasts can't afford to miss this summit and hear how to generate granular analyses of profitability drivers, plan around capital needs and produce ROI analyses (e.g. for IT projects).


      For many firms, the key is to become what’s called an “analytic competitor”— a business that is fast, flexible, and precise when it must reallocate resources in line with changing patterns of demand, cost, and opportunity. For the FP&A team, this requires the ability to access, collect, and analyze both financial data and forward-looking non-financial measures such as trends in customer demand or commodity prices.


      Be Part of It:

      • 35+ industry expert keynote presentations
      • 350+ FP&A professionals attending
      • Interactive workshops with industry leaders
      • Over 20 hours of networking opportunities included
      • Access to online presentations on-demand post-summit
      • 20+ case studies presented from Fortune 500 companies


      Why you should attend and who will be there? Learn more.