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    Bricks Matter: The Role of Supply Chains in Building Market-Driven Differentiation

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      Lora Cecere has a new book out: 'Bricks Matter: The Role of Supply Chains in Building Market-Driven Differentiation' (Wiley and SAS Business Series) (9781118218310): Lora M. Cecere, Charles W. Chase Jr.: Books


      You can read reviews on Amazon.com or join the LinkedIn group to see if the book tour will be coming to your city!


      Book Description


      Get proven guidance to build a market-driven supply chain management system

      Supply chain management processes have gradually shifted from a supply-driven focus to a demand-driven one in order to better synchronize demand and supply signals. Bricks Matter shows you how you can identify market risks and opportunities and translate these into winning tactics. Business cases highlight how business leaders are winning through market-driven approaches.


      • Helps you understand how to apply the emerging world of predictive analytics for the better management of value networks
      • Includes business cases illustrating the market-driven approach
      • Reveals how businesses can identify market risks and translate these into supply-side tactics


      As companies transition from demand-driven to market-driven approach, the focus in organizations shifts from one of vertical excellence to building strong market-to-market horizontal processes. Improve revenue by increasing market share, improve profit margins, and maintain high levels of customer service with the indispensable guidance found in Bricks Matter.

      From the Inside Flap

      Corporate quality and process improvement initiatives are stalled. Satisfaction rates with current supply chain technologies have never been lower nor the failure rates as high. Yet, companies continue in the same patterns.


      Sharing relevant stories of success and failure from seventy-five supply chain pioneers, Bricks Matter reveals the insights of what has been learned over the course of thirty years, providing insights on the evolution of processes, and prognosticating on the future of tomorrow's supply chains.

      This groundbreaking resource explores why supply chains matter today and how companies need to prepare for the next decade. Authors Lora Cecere and Charles Chase Jr. present a look at the future of technologies, a future that already includes big data, new forms of predictive analytics, and the evolution of digital manufacturing, proving that the adoption of new technologies is part of winning the supply chain race.


      Bricks Matter explores:

      • Who does supply chain best?
      • The new world of demand management
      • Achieving market-driven capabilities
      • Social: a new form of demand signal
      • Building horizontal connectors
      • Questioning the status quo