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    Supply Chain Planner

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      The Sourcing Planner determines the quantity and order date for materials needed to meet the master production schedule and initiates the production process. Participates on facility teams to develop material flow plans and pull material replenishment plans. Support efforts to improve factory flow to enhance lean material flow.



      1. Safety performance to 100% of corporate targets.


      2. Point of use material supply - performing to 100% of annual corporate target for qualified parts.


      3. Maintain current days on hand target for production stores inventory.



      •Maintain the master production schedule on the shop floor.


      •Analyze order requirements based on materials availability; routings; machine capabilities; alternative manufacturing routings; and demonstrated capacity. Works with IE to maintain master data for work centers.


      •Coordinate with the production management personnel to evaluate and optimize the capacity to support the manufacturing requirements.


      •Work with the Master Scheduler in load leveling and determining whether the plant; work centers; or departments have sufficient long-term capability to accommodate production schedules or whether alternatives should be pursued (such as adding personnel; equipment; or shifts; or outsourcing).


      •Develop production plans to ensure customer requirements are met.


      •Help Implement and maintain programs such as JIT; kanban; etc.


      •Supervise department staff.


      •Performs the physical inventory and adjust materials plan.


      •Issue shop work orders


      •Monitor; communicate; and implement engineering changes.


      •Input and download data from automated systems.


      •Responsible for performing work to achieve corporate supply chain performance targets focused on inventory reduction; increased inventory turns and improved order-to-delivery results.



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      •Works with personnel from 3rd party providers and facility divisions to drive supply chain improvements.