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    Supply Chain Analyst

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      Participates on facility teams to develop material flow plans and pull replenishment plans. Responsible for population of the Plan for Every Part database. Support efforts to improve factory flow to enhance lean material flow. This is an advanced position in the Planning function and closely aligned to the Planning Engineer position.



      Responsible for performing work to achieve corporate supply chain performance targets focused on inventory reduction; increased inventory turns and improved order-to-delivery results.


      Performs physical / tactical work applying the Supply Chain Planning Process to build the Plan for Every Part for a facility. In addition; works closely with facility Supply Chain Planning engineers; translating work requirements and providing work teams with direction.


      - Documents PFEP information in the PFEP Web Tool; including; but not limited to:


      - Facility lean material flow plans


      - Data on demand and demand variability


      - Supplier shipping performance and variability percentages for purchased finished material (both time and quantity)


      - Communicate and coach key pull replenishment team and factory personnel on the standard process for Pull replenishment for a facility using change management processes and implementing visuals like boards; signage; standard work and job aids.


      Responsible for creating and maintaining a report listing all PF part numbers used at a facility; drive input for those part numbers into the PFEP Web Tool; and providing data reporting to facility project teams.


      Creates and maintains current and future state value stream maps at the product value stream level (may require marriage of MQ VSMs).


      Performs tactical; hands-on work to achieve supply chain process compliance and MQ Certification for a facility.



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