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    Top ten reasons to join in on the fun!!


      Here are the the top ten reasons for you to enjoy and join in on the fun here on the entertainment section of our community!  Enjoy!



      10. Because there are still a few people that aren’t using RapidResponse that have some really awful stories worth a good laugh

      9.  Because Bob Ferrari , author of the Supply Chain Matters blog, might do a post about it, and you can finally say you knew about it first

      8.  Because it will make you feel a lot better about that time you ordered 57,000 semiconductors instead of 5,700

      7.  Because until now, your only source for entertainment news has been related to Hollywood’s worst plastic surgery botches and the latest update on Brangelina

      6.  Because you too can finally have something funny to share with the family related to your job

      5.  Because if we can’t laugh at ourselves, at least we can laugh at other people

      4.  Because who says supply chain professionals can’t bring on the funny

      3.  Because crying and laughing both burn about 1.5 calories per minute, but laughing is much less embarrassing to do in your office

      2.  Because your boss will be impressed that you’re embracing this whole ‘social media’ thing

      1.  Because the last time you laughed with your co-workers, you also shopped at your local Circuit City store