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    Research: Closing the Gaps in S&OP

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      Research: Closing the Gaps in S&OP


      Supply Chain Digest is conducting a survey pertaining to S&OP and they would really appreciate your help. They promise It will take you just a few minutes.


      There are separate questions for manufacturers, retailers, and "others." It promises to be a very important piece of research, as this of course is a key focus issue right now in the supply chain. While there have been a number of S&OP studies over the past few years, we promise this one is very different than the rest, and will produce fresh insight.


      In the near future, Supply Chain Digest will send all respondents a copy of the survey results aggregated across all respondents. All responses are strictly confidential at an company/individual level. That means there will be no results reported/discussed/etc. at an individual company or respondent level. These results will be reported at an aggregate level across all respondents only.


      Questions? Email feedback@scdigest.com


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