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    Sept 12th Webinar "The New Brushstrokes of Supply Chain Planning"


      In this webinar Lora Cecere - long time analyst and recent founder of Supply Chain Insights - will outline eight market shifts that are moving us away from the traditional view of supply chain management.  Supply chain planning is being redefined as business problems have changed and new technologies are enabling modern approaches.


      Join this webcast to understand how and why Lora is challenging the hard and fast lines that defined the traditional functional buyer of enterprise applications.  And most notably learn where Lora thinks we should all be painting next!


      Register for this complimentary webinar at:  https://theiegroup.webex.com/ec0606l/eventcenter/enroll/register.do?formId=0&formType=0&loadFlag=1&siteurl=theiegroup&confId=661784227