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    Talent or Competency?


      Let's discuss issues of talent and competency.


      Talent is more at genetic side. Competency is more at learning side. Which one you prefer, Talent or Competency or Both?


      Even if you have high at talent, but you don't nurture  at learning, you can just have raw or crude. Learning needs room to be successfull. Ability to learn, Culture and Leadership determine if learning can take place.


      It is easy for talented ones to learn what  field ones have talents at, but not all talented people will to learn, especially at different field, but required by firm. It is important to make sure highly talented people have ability to learn to build their competencies in different fields. Perhaps, it is better to have everage people who have ability to learn than talented pople who don't have ability to learn different field.


      Many firms' culture don't encourage or even hinder learning so does Leadership fear to have better people in the hiecarchy through learning. Even you can bring best talent poeople in the world, you are not automatically succesfull at capitalizing them to be more productive, better if not get frusstrated, if the culture and leadership don't fit with learning.


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