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    Sourcing Specialist

    irenelulu Newbie

      Dear all,


      What do you think the difference between sourcing and purchasing?


      How to become a qualified sourcing specialist? What career path would be for sourcing professionals?



      Looking forward to hearing your insightful thoughts.



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          plackman Newbie



          Here is some information to your question.  This is one definition and many companies have specific ways they deliniate between sourcing and purchasing.


          As for career path for sourcing specialist, one avenue is to start as buyers or planners within their organization and then migrate to supply chain.  You'll understand the tactical side of the business before you concentrate on the a more strategic focus.  Then ensure that you understand your product, commodity, market.  Pick up negotiation, leadership skills and working within a matrixed organization.


          You can google sourcing professionals and find a wealth of additional information on the scope of the functional activity, career information and job openings.  This last item, job openings will tell you most precisely what employers are looking for in sourcing candidates.


          Hope this helps.


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              irenelulu Newbie

              Dear Paul,


              Thanks very much for your comments.


              I think it is very helpful. Actually I am working as a project soucing specialist in a trading company for 1.5 years, and now I am applying a job in an Automotive aftermarket company, so I am just want to know more about sourcing.


              Irene Ding

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                  jfbevilaqua Newbie

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