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    Demand Planning in FMCG Companies

    Piyush Newbie

      Can anyone please share information regarding the ideal Demand Planning Model for FMCG/Consumer Goods companies? Would it be better to set up a localized demand planning team or a centralized one? Any information regarding this will be helpful and much appreciated.


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          SteveLever Newbie

          It's 'horses for courses' on this one I'm afraid. More information would be needed to provide a useful answer.


          From your question it sounds very much like you have a multi-site network of manufacturing/distribution bases and any solution would need to consider the following:-


          - do you operate these on a hub-spoke basis?

          - are the sites logistically linked via internal 'milk-run' transport?

          - do the sites manufacture/stock the same products?

          - do you have any other stocking considerations such as lineside stocks, VMI, consignment stocks, etc.?

          - do you have products with extended leadtimes (including maybe imports from deep-sea sources)?

          - if you are involved in manufacturing, do your manufacturing sites share common raw materials?

          - do you operate an integrated group ERP system?


          - etc


          - etc


          You can probably see where I'm heading here - sometimes, when you start to analyse the requirements, the factors to be considered start to point you in the right direction, but I'm sure that if you provide any relevant data, there will be some useful comments and suggestions.


          Good luck