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    What makes a great industry conference?


      While the number of industry conferences certainly peaks during the spring and fall, in recent years I've seen that more events are being offered throughout the year. Kinaxis is heading to the Sales & Operations Planning Innovation Summit in Las Vegas tomorrow, in fact.


      Now that the economy is slowly but surely improving, are you planning to attend more industry conferences this year? If so, which ones? I'd love to hear feedback from the community on events that they've found to be valuable in the past, and the conferences that you're planning to attend this year.


      Some additional questions for discussion:

      • Do you prefer smaller shows with a more intimate audience, or the larger conferences that feel like a small mobile city?
      • What constitutes a great conference, in your mind?
      • What does it take to "sell" your manager on granting you approval to attend an event?


      Share your feedback in the comments section here!