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    Dubai's Emirates Airline ramps up flights to Scotland

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      By Claire Ferris-Lay

      Emirates Airline, the world’s largest long-haul airline, will launch a  second daily flight to Glasgow in Scotland from 1st June, the carrier  said on Tuesday.

      The Dubai-based airline said it expected 140,000 inbound passengers  to use the service in 2012, boosting Glasgow’s local economy by  US$272,000 (AED187 million) annually.

      “This announcement illustrates our commitment to Scotland and to our  wider UK route network in difficult economic times,” Salem Obaidalla,  Emirates’ senior vice president of commercial operations for Europe and  the Russian Federation, said in a statement.

      Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council, said the airline’s  existing route to Glasgow has generated more than $253 million (AED931  million) for the local economy since its launch in 2004.

      Emirates last week warned Europe-bound passengers to brace for higher  ticket prices as it grapples with an EU carbon trading scheme set to  cost UAE carriers nearly $1.5 billion.

      Dubai’s flagship carrier said it expected the plan aimed at capping  airlines’ carbon emissions to cost it about $52 million this year and  well in excess of $650 million by the end of the decade.

      Under the EU's plan to put a price on pollution, airlines now have to  buy permits to help offset greenhouse emissions from jetliners  operating in, to and from Europe.

      Airlines will face fines of up to $127 for every tonne of carbon  dioxide they emit above a fixed limit; part of an EU bid to cut  pollution by five per cent through 2020.