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    Why is Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Important?

    dustinmattison1974 Elite

      I recently interviewed Lalit Panda who shared some great insights, see here...


      Does anyone have anything to add? Do you agree or disagree?



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          edennism Novice

          I would stress the importance of training on the S&OP process to key integrants and ensuring Executive level commitment and ownership is attained prior to starting.


          " The S&OP does not take the place of good judgement or provide easy answers.  The process simply forces the right people to talk about theright areas of focus in a timely manner." Donald H. Sheldon (World Class Sales & Operations Planning: A Guide to Successful Implementation and Robust Execution)

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            jnafis@kinaxis.com Apprentice

            Hi Dustin,

            Thanks for sharing your interview with Lalit.  I agree with Lalit's view and I would emphasize one of the points he made regarding the challenges in S&OP implementations.  Lalit mentions the importance of determining and assigning ownership of the S&OP process.  I agree, I think any S&OP implementation without some level of organizational (and individual) ownership will be severely challenged.   I believe S&OP projects are typically born from either the supply-side or the demand side.  They will of course need executive sponsorship that spans the entire organization, but from a practical implementation perspective I think that the project will be more successful if the organization or individual that launched the project is also one of the primary project drivers.



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