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    PDX File Standard - Do you use it to share data between CM/OEMs?

    arenasolutions Apprentice
      We have recently thrown our support behind the PDX File standard at Arena (as a means of taking data out of your PLM/PDM system and sharing it with your CM or other partners.) We've launched a free viewer, and are really going out of our way to evangelize the merits of PDX. From everything I've experienced, the XML-based standard makes sharing data so much easier, and minimizes the errors of pulling data out manually.

      But in spite of the perceived benefits, it seems like a lot of people are not using this standard, so I wondered if there are any challenges with adopting this method of data sharing.


      Is anyone here using the PDX standard? And what do you think? Are there challenges with using this format to share or getting CM partners to use a PDX Viewer?