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    New to Kinaxis

    davidallan Newbie

      Dear All,

      I am new to Kinaxis, although I did some search about it.

      Basically I am a SAP SD consultant and recently deployed to the project where company use KINAXIS for supply chain. Now i want the information that at what point Sap integrates with Kinaxis, also what kind of issues are coming for Sap ERP from Kinaxis.


      Thanks in advanced,

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          bdubois@kinaxis.com Apprentice

          Hi David,


          As you likely know RapidResponse pulls data from ERP systems to provide what some have called the "brains" of supply chain. People drive value from RapidResponse by quickly understanding when change happens, how it impacts them, who else is impacted and the best way to respond. It might be helpful to schedule a call to discuss the questions you listed in your post. If you like, myself or another Business Consultant can spend some time with you. If you would like to schedule something just let us know how we can contact you.


          Thanks for your interest, Bill