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    Got talent? Or are you feeling the lack of it in your supply chain?


      I attended the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference two weeks ago in London, and one theme that was touched upon by many of the speakers was supply chain talent: the current shortage of it, how to attract it, and how building the best supply chain team possible is really a game-changer for the companies that give it the proper attention.


      I'd love to hear about how members of the community are tackling the supply chain talent challenge. If you have a shortage of talent, how are you dealing with it? If you have built a solid team, how are you retaining and nurturing that talent? What do you feel is the biggest reason behind the supply chain talent shortage, which some industry experts have gone so far as to term a "crisis"?


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          arenasolutions Apprentice

          I definitely think there are a lot of changes happening that affect the modern supply chain. And to some degree, the required skills are changing, which makes it tough to find people who can meet the new challenges, while still having experience to draw from.

          But I would say beyond finding someone with the right skills, its even tougher to find a good partnership and successfully negotiating terms up front so there can be a continued, positive relationship.


          I was reading this article recently, about the pitfalls of choosing a CM, and I think it stands the test of time. Hopefully with the onshoring movement and focus on local manufacturing, we will soon see a new crop of local CMs with talent, but the challenges of finding a good partnership will still remain.