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    Research areas in Supply Chain

    Dilawar Newbie

      Hello to all respected members!


      Before going on the topic, let me introduce myself.


      I am Dilawar Khan, an Industrial Engineer, pursuing masters in Supply Chain Management. These days I am conducting research in this foremost field to enrich my abilities and to contribute toward this field.


      As title says itself, I am here to gather your valuable thoughts, advises and your guidlines regarding the research in SCM.


      After reading hundreds of case studies, regardless of their considerations, I have come to know that in last few decades SCM, despite manufacturing, has played a vital role in nation's economies. Since this is the era where customer / vender needs cent percent satisfaction and the emergence of IT has transformed conventional things into most productive things. considering these factors, what could be the research area in SCM that may enhance itself, being more efficient and effective?


      We discuss daily regarding the changing relations of SCM with other fields. but when will be the time we should think about its 'change'.

      What could possibly be that change in SCM? How can we improve the current improved system?

      I wish I clicked your mind with my thought, so I expect from you!


      With best regards

      Dilawar Khan