Instituting a committee framework as a key point to your collaboration partnership framework can bring a great return on your investment.  In fact I think that this can be a key tool to the success and continued return on investment from your partnerships.  These ROI returns come from two perspectives; the need to engage management consultant specialists to perform many of your investigation and evaluations could be dramatically reduced or even eliminated; and the need to engage outside research organizations would be dramatically reduced or even eliminated.  In addition to those hard benefits there are soft benefits that will be achieved through the committee framework in the form of team building, trust building and also commitment to the collaborative partnership from the partners.

The hard benefits can be very compelling to the acceptance of the committee framework across the partnership.  These can be achieved by taking advantage of the depth and variety of experience and capabilities across the collaborative partnerships.  In fact I suggest that you will drive to expand and extend your partners as you begin to achieve and confirm the benefits that are gained through the committee framework.  Your partners will provide the extended industry input and expertise into your evaluations that would normally only be achieved by engaging management consultants.  This benefit applies to all directions and to all of the partners in your partnership.

In addition to the extended industry expertise and experiences supporting evaluations without expensive external management consultants, your partners will also be able to provide valuable input into your specialty tool evaluation and selection.  The first hand experience from your partners along with the surrounding extended industry experience will provide invaluable input into your tools and strategic planning that would have previously required engaging expensive research organizations and again expensive management consultants.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is a time and a place for expertise from outside management consultant organizations. In previous discussions I have explained that the result of the recession and reduction in staffing has lead to an increase in the need for outside help.  I do believe though that many of the circumstances that you would normally engage outside help could be eliminated, or at a minimum dramatically reduced through the engagement of a strong collaborative partnership.  In addition, I also believe that the value you achieve through this program or framework will continue to grow and expand as your experience participation across partners grows and expands. 

Finally, and perhaps just as important as the hard benefits above are the soft benefits that will be achieved through this program or framework.  The key benefits I see are the commitment of the participants to the partnership and through this commitment the expansion, growth and stability of the partners in the partnership.  Of these the critical benefit is the increased commitment to the partnership.  The commitment to the success of the partnership will be the most critical ingredient to the growth and expansion of your partnership.


And now for the audience participation portion of the show…

Have you discussed efficiencies with your collaborative partners?  What kind of tricks do you practice when you are multi-tasking?  How does technology impact your ability to mutli-task?  How does the blurring of the professional and personal aspects impact your life?