One interesting point regarding the tools that I utilize to improve my own personal and professional efficiencies is that these are also some of the same tools that support collaboration, both personal and professional.  These tools are not only important to sharing and utilizing my own information, communications and workflow across all of the platforms that I utilize in my own personal efficiencies, they can also be configured to share information, communication and workflow across external collaboration partners.  This collaboration framework can also be configured to expand across your partners as the size and the complexity of your collaboration network expands.

I find it very interesting that the very tools that I’ve embraced to improve my own efficiency provide the basis to support personal and professional collaboration.  The second interesting and even exciting point of these tools is that being in the open tools genre they are continuously growing, expanding and improving.  I realize that this sounds like a commercial for these tools but the capabilities are beginning to grow in leaps and bounds to bring benefits to both your efficiencies and your collaborative capabilities.  From a tools perspective I see that the tools available as freeware provide a robust set of tools that compete very strongly with the paid software and services. 

There is one additional piece, or capability, that has been improving dramatically over the years and that piece is the network capabilities.  The expanded and improved network capabilities provide the plumbing to make the expansion of these efficiency and collaboration tools possible.  I am old enough to remember the beginnings of the personal use of the Internet and the changes that exploded when the World Wide Web capabilities became available.  Each improvement and expansion of capability has increased the value of the tools and the Internet and the expansion and improvements in the network capabilities has been a key factor in encouraging the expansion.  We have reached the point now where the wireless network capabilities are pushing to the same level as the wired capabilities, making the internet a ubiquitous tool providing connectivity in almost every location. 

The availability of the Internet has increased the value and the capabilities of these efficiency and collaboration tools dramatically.  It is important to choose tools that provide the same capabilities across platforms in order to increase your efficiencies.  For instance when I read an email in gmail, that status is available to any platform from which I may access that email.  Another, and more pertinent example relating improved efficiencies to increased collaborative capabilities is related to document management.  I can open a document on any platform that can access the Internet and then when I modify the document on one platform the changes are available on any other platform at the same time.  This capability can also be utilized to support your collaboration activities.  This is just one additional benefit that can be achieved when you embrace efficiency improvement tools.


And now for the audience participation portion of the show…

What kind of tricks do you practice when you are multi-tasking?  How does technology impact your ability to mutli-task?  How does the blurring of the professional and personal aspects impact your life?