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Our first SCM30 discussion kicked off last week. Have you been following the conversation? We asked the question: What have been the biggest supply chain mistakes (or failures) during the last 30 years, and what can we learn from them? And we’ve gotten more than a dozen responses so far. Click here to weigh in with your thoughts on the topic.


Last Friday, we posted blog on this topic on the 21st Century Supply Chain blog. The new SCM30 question was posted today: What have been the top 3 advances in supply chain management in the past 30 years?


Spring arrived last week, and that means that the conference season will be in full swing soon. Are you hitting the road for any supply chain events in the next few months? Share your thoughts on the best industry conference to attend this spring in the Industry Events sub-community, and take a look at some of the events that Kinaxis will be attending:


Global Pharma Manufacturing Summit - Edison, NJ

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference - Palm Desert, CA

Best of the Best S&OP Conference - Chicago

2012 Global Supply Chain Business Summit - Singapore


We hope to see you in person this spring!

Did you know that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the term “supply chain management”? Though supply chain management concepts have been around since the turn of the last century, Keith Oliver, a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton, coined the term in 1982.


To commemorate this milestone, throughout 2012, the Supply Chain Expert Community will be exploring the past, present, and future of supply chain management. It all starts on Monday, so look to our Discuss Supply Chain forum for the first question in a series we’re calling SCM30, which will examine what we’ve learned during the past 30 years—and where we’re going next.


In the coming weeks we’ll also be launching a variety of new content with the SCM30 theme, including an exciting new six-word contest in which we will ask you to share your own SCM story. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


Speaking of milestones, we just crossed the 6,000-member threshold yesterday! Be sure to take advantage of the wisdom that these thousands of members have to offer—and share your own—in discussion threads such as these:


Best ways to accelerate up the Supply Chain Career Ladder?

Can your supply chain be a competitive differentiator when it's time to scale?

Looking for an S&OP video that could help me to explain the process to the C-level

Is the Outsourcing Job Vacuum Real?


See you on the community,

Lauren Bossers