We all have moments in our jobs where we ask ourselves: How in the world am I going to pull this off? (There might be a few other choice words thrown in there as well.)


When you have those episodes, I want you to think of us. That’s right, when you’re having your lowest professional moments, I want your mind (and then your web browser) to immediately go to the Supply Chain Expert Community. Why? Because there are nearly 6,000 members who can possibly lend a hand.


Just head to our “Discuss Supply Chain” forum and post your challenge, and let the community weigh in. Because I receive an email each time a discussion thread is posted, I personally seek out resources to help every community member find the answers they need. And I am a tenacious networker, so take advantage of that!


Speaking of challenges, take our latest poll: What's your biggest supply chain issue today?


We also want to hear from you when you’re at your best—share your lessons learned and victories with the community as well.


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Lauren Bossers