What do supply chain skills, safety stock, and a high-maintenance ex-girlfriend have in common? They’re all featured topics on the Supply Chain Expert Community this week!

The latest poll asks: What is the most important skill for a supply chain professional? Respond to the poll on the community home page or on the poll page.

Take a moment to check out this discussion thread that poses the question: Is it appropriate to add safety stock to forecasted finished goods demand? Be sure to weigh in with your opinion today!

Check out “New Kinexions,” the hilarious new supply chain comedy video series that compares bad software to an annoying ex. The latest episode finds Sally Ann Perkins showing what high maintenance is all about when she recites a to-do list as long as her arm, just to get ready for a night out. Ouch! Speaking of supply chain comedy, be sure to watch the new episode of the Late Late Supply Chain Show!

Have you entered our current contest on the Supply Chain Expert Community? It challenges you to complete the following sentence: "Software is like an annoying ex because..." To see the entries that have already been submitted, and to learn how you can win an Xbox 360 console with Kinect bundle, click here.