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There was a lot happening in the community this week, and I wanted to provide some highlights in case you missed any of it!



Who doesn't love to share their opinion and have their vote count? I've been regularly posting new polls over the past few weeks, including the latest on your prediction for the economy in the second half of 2010. Please keep an eye on the upper left-hand box on the community homepage for the latest poll. Don't forget, you have to be logged in to vote!


The new S&OP sub community

There's no doubt about it, interest in S&OP has been growing over the past few years. As a result, I've started a new sub community here where members can discuss all things S&OP. Be sure to visit, comment on the discussions, ask questions of the community related to S&OP, and upload any documents that you think your fellow members would find useful.


Blog posts

We had new blog posts from Erik Challeen, Jim Fulcher, Bob Ferrari, and the 21st Century Supply Chain this week. Be sure to check them out--maybe you'll even be inspired to start your own blog here!



We hit the 2,800 mark for members today. It's great to see how much the community has grown in just the past few months. I encourage you to share your challenges and opportunities in the discussion threads in the community--there's a wealth of resources at your disposal. And don't be shy about commenting on blog posts, discussions, polls, and more. The more communication that we generate, the more valuable the community will become for every member.


I'd love to hear more feedback from community members--feel free to email me at with your comments and suggestions.


See you next week,

Lauren Bossers

Community Manager