For the sake of the drivers that play such an integral role in ensuring the movement of goods across every industry, tackling the threat from unclean air whilst on the go should be a priority for fleet owners. When we consider that a number of regions here in the UK are categorised as ‘very high’ in terms of air pollution (in no small part due to transport emissions), this is particularly problematic for those who spend so much of their time amongst motorway traffic.


Although invisible to the naked eye, air pollution is a serious matter both outdoors and within enclosed areas of all sorts. For example, research has identified schools as one form of environment that particularly suffers from indoor air pollution, and they are nowhere near as exposed as the average truck or lorry cabin.


For these drivers, being exposed to copious amounts of carbon monoxide and other such chemicals is of course directly linked to a number of health problems, respiratory and otherwise. These range from mild conditions such as coughs, all the way up to critical illnesses such as cancer in extreme cases. From the perspective of their employers, taking measures to prevent such threats to their workforce’s health is vital as a healthy workforce is one not forced to take time off to overcome such afflictions.


In order to address the threat, it’s vital that drivers are not forced to work such a quantity of hours that results in them spending too long at the wheel. This can admittedly be difficult to quantify though and the demands on the company may not always be so accommodating. The vehicles themselves must therefore be fitted out in such a way that reduces the harmful particles within the cabin, although this is of course an expense that many smaller businesses may seemingly be unable to afford.


Investing in your workforce in such a manner though can yield great long-term results as the reduction in health-related absences translates into more time spent being productive. Last year, it was estimated by the Office for National Statistics that more than 130 million working days a year were lost due to illnesses of various sorts, so it pays to get a grip on this issue particularly in an industry that’s vulnerable to such external factors. Getting a pre-emptive head start at addressing such a potential problem spot will not only benefit your drivers, but all aspects of your business given time.