One thing I have noticed since I started working in the supply chain field is that there are so many industry events, conferences and meetings discussing the latest trends and presenting best practice cases. There are simply too many to follow and keep track of. On my regular blog I used to have a section for supply chain conferences, where I had the intention of promoting the very latest, but I gave up on keeping ahead of what's happening a long time ago, and only a few select conferences make it onto my blog. That said, there are some of websites that I have worked with on occasion, and that I have found very useful in keeping track of what's happening in the supply chain world. Today I would like to present some of these.

First up is the the World Trade Group, or WTG for short. They have a website, which first and formeost presents webinars on subjects like  manufacturing and supply chain, human resources, food and beverage, energy and pharma, but it also boasts a number of events and conferences in manufacturing and supply chain managed by WTG, for example:


The 13th Annual  European Supply Chain & Logistics Summit, Berlin, Germany, 14-16 June 2011

The 7th Annual European Manufacturing Strategies Summit 2011, Düsseldorf, Germany, 17-19 October 2011


Eyefortransport is another interesting event manager. Their events appear more geared towards operations and logistics than WTG, and include conferences like:


The 2nd Horizontal Collaboration in the Supply Chain Summit, Brussels, Belgium, 19-20 May, 2011.

The 9th European 3PL Summit, Antwerp, Belgium, 22-23 November 2011


Finally, a site that I came across only recently, is Supplychainmovement, an initiative of the Supply Chain Magazine in the Netherlands, and giving up-to-date information about international supply chain management  topics, featuring trends, cases, reports, books, events and personal blogs posts by the editor as well as portray articles of the who's who in supply chain and logistics, some of which I've never heard about...until now.


I am sure there are many more sites out there, but those are the sites that I use most in keeping track of what's happening in the supply chain and logistics world. If you know of other sites, please share below, and on a side note I would be more than happy to present and review those suggestions on my regular blog.



World Trade Group