I interviewed Prashant Sinha who discussed Warehouse Management.






Can you provide a brief background of yourself?


First of all, I actually completed graduations with honors. After that, I completed a diploma in computer education. And then I started my career with the manufacturing industries, the steel industry. There, my role was a store executive. There I was managing automobile spare parts and mobile, etc.


I spent almost five years in this company. Then I joined the warehousing industry, like DHL. At DHL, I was handling telecom. I was handling warehouse operations, interaction with the customer to discuss our day to day issues, transport management, and vendor development.


After DHL I moved to Mahindra logistics. I have handled some big warehouse operations, transport management, and vendor development. For this, in transport development, I have managed 30 transporters with the company. These are the main achievements for me.



Can you share with us what you see as some of the challenges involved with warehouse management?


Actually, in my last company, before Mahindra, I designed my warehouse according to me, like the layout development. So truly, I would stack material according to our design. And I have allocated alphabetical order in the warehouse. The same, I would display that layout in the main gate as well as in the entrance. So this is the management which I've got in my last company.


Do you have any recommendations for dealing with and overcoming challenges in warehouse management?


Building transportation. Actually, when I was in Deli, I found challenges in transportation because we had communicated with the customer to deliver the material on time. So this challenges we had traced in Deli, sometimes we have public involvement and all. So we have faced the customer transporter, and there is always with the help of the customer


What about opportunities in warehouse management? Can you see any opportunities in the future?


There are a lot of opportunities that are in warehouse management. You can see in the supply chain, opportunities and challenges are coming.



Is there anything else you wanted to discuss regarding this topic?


I want to discuss in warehousing, the main thing is your visibility.Your material visibility is very important in warehousing like in the layout, in location mapping, racks. How to display your material in the warehouse, this is the main issue in a warehouse. You need to link to your systems. What material you put in what location, what material you have to put in B location, etc. So this will have to link to your system. You can share data with the salespeople, colleagues, and customers.


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