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Today we're speaking with Ben Liu, and we're going to discuss order fulfillment. Ben, can you first provide a brief background of yourself?


My background actually is purely supply chain logistics. In my early career, actually, I was working with the Chinese state-owned company Sinotrans for international freight forwarding. Then, followed by a Japanese big ocean shipping company, Yusen Logistics, for briefly one year. Most recently, actually, I was working in Shanghai for more comprehensive supply chain logistics. And our services mainly covered B2B transportation and also end-customer deliver. So most of my experience, actually working with those multinational companies who have a manufacturing investment in China. So our business, actually most recently, is not only focusing on B2B by also lately we were also looking at B2C because some consumer goods — electronics — the market change and the consumer orders type changed. So we're also following on that. So that's basically my background. Mainly B2B and B2C order fulfillment.


Can you talk a little bit more and share some of your experience with order fulfillment?


We are doing the distribution order, both to the channel, resellers and for those electronic companies like laptop makers Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, as well as a couple of Taiwanese laptops makers such as Acer and Asus. Our destination is mostly to big dealers and some electronics markets. We also fulfill orders to supermarkets, electronics specialists, and electronic chain stores.


Why is order fulfillment important?


First of all, older fulfillment importance is very closely related to our life. Everybody's daily life and our entertainment, our enjoyment of time and also of very important support of our work efficiency. That is my understanding.


How is order fulfillment done effectively?


For order fulfillment effectiveness, I think the most important is technology. There is the material flows, the process is very critically managed by the system and guided by the system. Also, all the work is maintained by a system database. Therefore, I think technology is the most important part.




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