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Today we're speaking with Matt Mason who is one of the founders and owners of a 3 PL serving retailers in the food industry. We're going to talk about some of the new regulations in the trucking industry. So, Matt, can you first provide a brief background of yourself?


Myself and fellow partners, we founded BM2 Freight Services in 2008. So we're coming up on our 10 year anniversary here next year. We've been hauling frozen food, produce, dry good for the duration of our existence. And we're specializing in that right now.


Can you talk about what's happening in the industry in terms of regulations?


Yeah, well, in 2011, the FDA came out with a law that just came into effect this year called the FSMA. The Food Safety Modernization Act. What that did and a pretty brief description of that, that brought the logistics companies, the truckers, to have skin in the game now in regards to the FDA's rules and regulations on the safe transport of food.


So who will be impacted by this?


Well, before it was just the shippers and receivers, and now that the truckers that are transporting the goods are also liable to make sure they are in compliance with the new rules and law that in effect, a few of the things that they have added now are you have to have constant communication with the temperature of the reefer unit during transit. You need to have documentation of prior loads hauled from the particular truck that's going to do the next load. And then there's clean out requirements for those trucks. Those are just a few of the bullet points that are better moving forward.


Can you talk about some of the implications or why this is so important?


Well, I think they realized that there was... The FDA and all of these manufacturers are all having great processes in place for the product when its own site on their facility, but then once it hits the truck and goes out on the road, it's kind of a gray area, and nobody was responsible for when it was on the read. And I think they realized there was a big need to be fit there, and that was the [inaudible 00:02:56].


Do you have any recommendations then for retailers in the food industry?


We're viewing ourselves as a good 3PL, which we do you consider ourselves to be. We can be used to drive the compliance for the retailers and the growers and the shippers. We view ourselves as an extension of them, and a good 3PL can be your future transportation compliance manager so you don't worry about that once you hire the 3PL to handle your freight.


And where can the audience learn more about your company and how you can help?


You can visit us at www.BM2Freight.com. We have a panel on there about our specialization and through transport. And our contact information can be found on the website as well.


And thanks for sharing today.


Thank you, Dustin.



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