I interviewed Cleber Genero who discussed Relation Between Go-to Market Strategy and the Level of Service you Provide to Customers and Clients.







Can you first provide a brief background of yourself?


For sure.It's my pleasure. Thank you very much, Dustin. I have masters in technology Development, Graduated into Computer Science, Certified as PMP by PMI (Project Management Institute) and executive training in International Management by Stanford.


Ground experience management in multi-cultural, multi-site development teams over South America, North America & Asia Pacific. Right now I'm in charge of supply chain of Tigre which is among the most internationalized companies in Brazil, present in more than 40 countries, with 7.0000 employees and 23 factories.



Can you talk about the relation between go-to-market strategy and service levels?


For sure. Right now, the challenge to get a customer and maintain the customer are bigger and bigger. The commoditization of the products are going on. So what you need to do to maintain, to do the business again, is to provide the customer a great experience. And to do that is quite important align the goals and the desires of the customers with the capability to provide that. So that's the main issue right now. Addition to this the consumers are empowered by technical advances, smarter, informed and more demanding than ever.



How is this done in practice?


Since the balance of long-term and short-term can be extremely difficult, the most important thing, in my view, is to guarantee that the closely alignment between the Supply chain and overall business strategy. This is an effective way to make your company´s supply chain a true source of competitive differentiation.


First step is to understand the different needs of each channel of the GTM and prepare, change or adapt the internal process and IT to provide that,


Take advantage of technology, which is helping the companies to enhance the customer experience improving the interaction between the customer and the company at all touch points. (customer journey ) is a key issue as well.



Where have you seen some good results? Do you have any examples or suggestions?


Oh, yeah. I have seen many good examples of big companies that are doing that here in Brazil, especially for the retail and B2B market. When you are competing in a very strong market, and can deliver a better experience to the customer, certainly you get better results.  There are a research which indicates that companies that provide exceptional customer experience average almost 5 percent of higher EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.  Unilever, NetFlix, Apple , Amanzon. Southest Airlines are good example.



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