I interviewed Atul Doshi who Exploring Innovations in e-Learning Models.


This is an interesting topic which brings up questions about the future of education and supply chain education beginning early on in life.






Please provide a brief background of yourself


I am Atul Doshi, Chartered Accountant and working as ‘honorary director and team leader’ at Letstute. We are a ‘not for profit’ organization based in Mumbai, India. We create math,science... logical.... our aim is not to treat education as a business. We are a team of 25 people. Our content is explained with some real life example and it is explained in a logical manner. Student should understand and need not try to remember concept or formulae.


What are the challenges with e-learning and how do you address these challenges?


New concept, difficult to accept ‘self learning’ against spoon feeding by current education system. We do try to create awareness by taking help of social media and meeting students/teachers/parents on ground.

But, current high education cost is itself diverting students to e-learning and availability of quality education is also an issue. It is very difficult to find good teachers in each and every part of country.


What kind of core competencies does a student in an e-learning environment develop which will help him/her in their future careers?


Self-learning ability, confidence... learn at his speed/convenience.. no need to get compared with others... shy students generally do not dare to ask questions in classroom ..because they fear that some may laugh at him..


What is the role of the teacher in an e-learning environment?


A very good teacher with quality content knowledge will live for years, like an immortal, he will be there in form of his ‘recorded content’ being watched by students across globe. Whereas other teachers will be a mentor, guide and friend.. he will be there to help if student is not able to understand something... and he will also help him in his overall development besides curriculum, text book and exams.


We (www.letstute.com) are an online education company based in Mumbai,India which provides quality education @ NIl cost. We are registered as Section-8 Company (not for profit). We do provide math, science, accountancy and value education videos and other study materials. Links for some videos are enclosed herewith. All our content are designed in such a manner that it helps student to understand concept logically and he need not remember or mug up anything. We try to take examples of real life to explain any topic.


All our content is available on our website and on youtube channels. Our content is suitable for any students from any country. All our content is in ‘neutral’ English. Students across globe are watching our content- India, US, Philippines, Pakistan, Canada, Malaysia, UK, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE and almost all other countries.

Atul Doshi

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Atul Doshi


Chartered Accountant | Honorary Director | Team Leader at Letstute


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