I interviewed Mildren Susana Mercedes who discussed What does LinkedIn Represent Today for the Supply Chain Management Professionals.







What does LinkedIn represent today for the supply chain management professionals?


LinkedIn has become a very powerful tool for everyone involved in the world of supply chain. From the physical facilities to the entities itself, as a means to promote their capabilities and services, but even more so to the actual workforce that managed the supply chain of the very same entities.


One will say, “In what ways has LinkedIn become this important?”


In my opinion, because LinkedIn has allowed professional supply chain managers and experienced individuals from all corners of the world to get together and form network groups and forums -- some specifically targeted key topics such as procurements, logistics, production, and so on. This exchange of innovative ideas, knowledge, industry experience, as well as practice, flowing freely is through such interaction where individuals come to expose questions related to problems or situations that otherwise one would need to obtain training or school in order possibly solve such problems.


To these very same points, here a scholar may offer a possible answer with a positive solution. It is my belief that LinkedIn, today, has created a powerful source of interactive learning. I'm inclined to say that this interaction is at best an exchange of educational learning, just like the one obtained in the classroom but even better with a much more worldwide perspective.


In this era of network competition and exposure, I will say that LinkedIn has helped to create a virtual environment that gives everyone a sense of learning in unity.



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