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Can you tell us a little bit about how recruitment is done in India and some of the challenges?


Basically, the challenges would be the fee part, firstly. The most important part is fee, which is a challenge in many other countries, I believe, but definitely in India because the employers do not want to pay. I think that would be a universal phenomenon, but still in India, people are very value-conscious and would definitely not like to pay the fee that we ask them to pay. They tend to bargain a lot on that.


Having said that, I also say that a lot of customers are willing to pay for quality work, and it is always a pleasure to work for them and always a learning experience to work with them. A lot of that I hear pay well, and they demand the best service. That is definitely a good value addition to our experience.


Can you talk about how you overcome these challenges?


It's just that you need to keep pushing, Dustin. Just keep pushing. Make your point. Make your value known to them, how you would be different to the major people in the market, and how, since you're commanding a certain fee, how you would justify that fee.


Also, if you're asking for, let's say, one-month salary or 12% or 25%, whatever the fee you're asking for that particular position or vacancy, you have to justify that. And if you're able to justify that, I'm sure you'll find some organization which is willing to pay you the fee. I think that will help, definitely. I've worked with foreign agencies and organizations that is international, and that is the feedback we get from many other countries as well, including the developed countries.


So, I would not say that India is different to that extent, but slightly the fee would be a challenge more than developed countries.


And how can recruitment be done effectively?


Recruitment is... There are only a few important factors that come into play when you're recruiting. And one of those goals, definitely, is that you need to have the right network. You can always go to a job portal and look up people but they might be the ones who are already there with the organization because some of the active people that we call actively looking for jobs are everywhere.


So, we tend to target the ones who are not really actively looking for a job, but the ones who are really good in their work and those happy with their current positions. So, those are the passive one. And those are the real diamonds, so to say, of their trade. So, those are the ones we're targeting.


If you do manage to get one or two of those such people to agree for this position, then those are the actual ones that are valued most by the clients as well.


Where do you see the supply chain recruitment going in India? Is it changing? Is it growing?


I would definitely say that what I have noticed here in India is that supply chain professionals are not paid as well as some of the other industry people, especially the IT people, and maybe a few other industries. The supply chain industry tends to pay their professionals a little on the low side as the other industries. I'm talking about the Indian market.


Yes, that is one need definitely, where improvement should take place and will definitely take place, because there seems to be an abundance of people in that sector and a lot of people keep moving around. But again, the salary is definitely low. So, once the salaries improve, I think, that will definitely improve also. And I would say, it's now going in the right direction because the market, the industry, per se, is developing. Because the ports are growing. There's a lot of growth in terms of economy. So, we're just pushing the demand of these professionals. Supply chain is a very crucial industry for any growing country to move their goods, to move their commodities, products, whatever, finished products, raw materials.


Thank you. Can you provide a brief background of yourself?


I basically have a master’s in business administration on the finance side. I've been in recruitment for almost six years now. I started out in 2010 with [inaudible 00:05:24] International. I was a managing partner there and started out. I realized that not many people are working the supply chain sector, so I started working that sector and got in touch with a lot of senior professionals in that sector. I've been active in that sector for the last...maybe one year I've not been so active. But otherwise, I've been pretty active in the supply chain sector of India.


Thanks for sharing today. I hope we can learn more about what's happening in India in the supply chain. We could have an update in the future.





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