I interviewed Peter Brennan who discussed "White Glove" Delivery, Returns Management, and Domestic and International Forwarding.




What type of situations are white glove delivery services needed?


Dustin, very good question. Typically, the types of situations were White Glove Delivery Services are needed would be sensitive or delicate equipment manufacturers. Deliveries that require inside into data centers, into hospitals, doctors offices, etcetera were they need inside placement facilities that don’t have docs. Then, obviously, installation and de-installation as well as assembly on the product as well as dunnage removal and Masonite on the floor, and things like that to protect the floors. Very well prepared, very well equipped. The equipment is typically very sensitive and expensive.


How are these services delivered effectively?


The difference in terms of delivering these services I think are, there’s a lot of companies in the marketplace today that claim that they do white-glove and really what they do is they’ll have some day labor, that help with the delivery and they call the White-Glove Delivery. Unfortunately, the equipment itself isn’t equipped to handle the kinds of deliveries that are required. The network that we utilize can handle up to 6,600 pounds and they’re right equipment, they have lift gates, they have lots of different equipment including decking bars, pad wrap, straps and all the other equipment that is used, on equipment that is packaged with corner boards. Those are the kinds of things that really allow them and the two men or more to make a delivery efficiently, safely and keep the integrity of both of the product and the location where the delivery is being made. Intact, clean and secure.


What trends do you see in this space?


The trends that I’ve been seeing honestly are quite unique. I think in some ways they’re actually favorable for companies like Champagne Logistics. We see our customers looking at landed cost which is the total cost including not just the transportation but also adding to that the cost of claims, the cost of damage, the cost of customer dissatisfaction. When they look at the landed cost, they’re arriving at a solution that sounds like white-gloves in specialty transportation because we do it more efficiently than rather looking at, okay the line-haul is very cheap but then they have a high claims ration, you have a lot of damage and you have unsatisfied customers. When you put that combination together, that trend is favorable for companies like Champagne Logistics. The other thing we’re seeing and I think this is going to continue, there’s a sensitivity to the environment. 


If you have delicate equipment and you’re spending lots of money to put crates around it to protect it from damage and any kind of issues in transit, our network, we can move those pieces of delicate equipment, they can pad wrapped and secured without doing the crating. There’s an environmental benefit and clearly there’s also a cost benefit. You avoid the cost of the crate although our transportation solution is a little higher. When you look at the total cost you really are in at advantageous situation and you’ve helped the environment as well. Those are two things and that we’re seeing a lot of and we continue to try to respond to our clients and support that.


Please provide a brief background of yourself?


With respect to my background, I’ve spent 30 plus years focused almost primarily on high technology customers and sensitive equipment manufacturers including those who make and manufacture medical devices. I’ve started my career in transportation and then it evolved over time and I’ve spent a lot of time in the abroad high tech supply chain and that includes specialty in value added distribution, logistic solutions, transportation as well as global responses for clients who were trying to make their supply chains more efficient. I retired from UPS in January 2014 and I’ve had an opportunity to work with some former colleagues here at Champagne Logistics which allows us to really focus on that specialty, high touch, high execution support of clients which frankly makes it a lot of fun. I think that gives a lot of value to the clients. It’s like a nice marriage in terms of taking my experience in kind of putting it in a form, and fashion that allows us to really create value for clients. Thanks very much for the opportunity to communicate about Champagne Logistics and what we do and more specifically what is white-glove and specialty transportation in North America done by expert like Champagne Logistics. Thank you, Dustin, enjoy your day.



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