I interviewed Susan Avery who discussed New Developments at My Purchasing Center, Online Publication for Procurement Professionals.





Susan, and I'm looking forward to hearing the new developments at My Purchasing Center, which is an online publication for procurement professionals. My first question is, can you provide a background about yourself?


Great, yes, thank you for having me. I am the editor in chief of My Purchasing Center. We're an online publication for procurement and supply professionals. Before coming to My Purchasing Center, I was a senior editor with Purchasing Magazine for 25 years, and at Purchasing Magazine I wrote mainly about indirect procurement. MRO, technology office, services like travel, and I managed some of the special reports like the Medal of Excellence and the salary survey. At My Purchasing Center, I manage all the editorial content.


Can you tell us more about My Purchasing Center? Who's the audience and what topics do you cover?


Sure. We target procurement and supply professionals, as I mentioned. CPOs, procurement vice presidents and directors, but everyone has free access to our content thanks to our sponsors. On our site you'll find articles, blogs, whitepapers, webcasts, podcasts, video clips. We have a weekly e-newsletter, a book store, a jobs page, and we host the websites of some ISM affiliates and groups. We share content with an Italian online publication called The Procurement Magazine. We cover a range of topics in procurement and supply management.


You just wrote a blog about the top 10 procurement articles at MPC, can you tell us about this?


Sure. The best read article at My Purchasing Center in 2015 is by Kevin Rohan. He is a procurement recruiter, and the article is on how to prepare for a procurement job interview. Our audience likes our articles that provide commodity price forecasts. Steels, non-ferrous metals, packaging, chemicals and plastic, those are all well-read articles. They also like articles on performance metrics and ethics, but our best read article since we launched in 2011 is on category management, and that was written by Pierre Mitchell when he was with the Hackett group.


What are some of the best read articles at My Purchasing Center, and can you talk about what else readers can get by visiting your site?


Sure. 2015, in that same article I wrote about the top 10, I also mentioned that it was the year of the podcast for us. We recorded 58 podcasts in 2015, that was a little over one a week. Procurement news and trends in 2015, they were downloaded hundreds of times. Our most popular was an interview with VendOp CEO Andy Kohn about finding new ways to search for suppliers.


Can you talk about some of your plans for moving forward in 2016?


Yes. First of all, we are working on the EPIC awards, the excellence in purchasing indirect category awards, which we sponsor with the folks at ProcureCon. This year, we're presenting six EPIC awards: individual, team, innovator, rising star, career and the supplier award. We'll be doing that at ProcureCon Indirect East in Orlando, Florida in February on the 23rd. That’s something we're working on currently. We're also working with one of our sponsors, CoVest Sourcing Network on a benchmarking study on group purchasing organizations. That’s already generating a lot of interest, and of course, we're continuing to work to grow the site. We plan to increase our coverage of commodity and category markets. A recent readership survey's results showed us that our readers want more information on markets for indirect categories, and we're working on bringing our audience more information on prices, perhaps salaries, bring back the salary survey that we did at Purchasing Magazine. We're also thinking about bringing back the Medal of Professional Excellence.


Thank you Susan for sharing today these updates on My Purchasing Center.


Thank you.




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