I interviewed Adriaan van Deursen who discussed A New Generation of Supply Chain Managers.






This is going to be an interesting topic about a new generation of supply chain managers.  Can you first provide a brief econ of yourself and your organization?


Yeah.  Dustin, also thank you for the opportunity to interview me.  I’m very honored to do this.  My name is Adrian and I’m board member of Young Logistics Netherlands. We are a supply chain association for students and young professionals up to the age of 30 years old and we have been in existence since 2005.



Thank you.  My first question is what are the needs and the priorities of supply chain professionals under 30 years old?


What you can see in our association and we have about 700 members currently nationwide is that it’s more important what you learn on the job, what your boss can provide in extra coaching on let’s say soft skills, and also the flexibility of the job not just the 9:00 to 5:00 job and salary is something that comes second.



That’s interesting.  What about in the Netherlands, can you talk about what’s happening with Logistics and the supply chain in the Netherlands?


Logistics and supply chain management is an interesting topic here because if you look at say the World Bank at the Logistics’ index the Netherlands is currently at the second place. Germany is first. There is a big focus on Logistics from the Dutch government as well. They have let’s say a top sectors policy, and out of the nine top sectors there is Logistics as their focus. They have said like this is an important industry for the Dutch economy.  We’re going to invest in this, in universities, in companies.  They even set up an institute, it’s called the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics and they put theory into practice with all kinds of business cases.  It also means that it gives us the opportunity to mix into these projects such as with the annual competition, we have a Logistics manager of the year election for senior positions but also we have the Young Logistics talents competition each year. There are a lot of interesting projects happening in Netherlands. There’s a focus on supply chain developments but also on involving the youth getting more students into supply chain management, national and international students, and we are also participating in such events.



How can the new generation of supply chain professionals develop their careers?


Our goal now is to be a connecting link between companies and students. The young professionals provide them with the most recent developments by visiting companies such as Philips, Heineken, these are two examples of the Dutch companies but we also visit other global brands. But there they can see what is the most recent developments in supply chain management but also they can meet other supply chain professionals to give them advanced advantages in their career.



Thank you.  Do you have any final recommendations for younger supply chain professionals?


It might be a bit cheesy to say but I think you could say that sharing. I see that there are a lot of logistics associations even in the Netherlands and worldwide.  I think people should start aiming for more cooperation even here in Netherlands. There could be so much achieved with cooperation.  I think that other countries should also focus on searching their partners across the border, maybe even set up their own youth organization because I think it’s good to have a mix of the old and new generation work together in projects and most importantly have anything fun during events to network together.



Thanks for sharing today.


Yeah, thank you for your time Dustin.


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