I interviewed Mosharraf Hossain who discussed  Leadership Development in Supply Chain (What, Why, How).

Good to speak with you today, Mosharraf. I’m looking forward today to hear your views on leadership development in supply chain. And my first question is, can you discuss first of all what is the leadership zone that you refer to?

Fine. In fact, we can label this concept as ‘7-15 Leadership Approach’ which is very much needed to develop leadership in Supply Chain. In this approach, ‘7’ represent    7 steps to build confidence level and ‘15’ means 15 Leadership Attributes

There are four zones in Leadership such as

1) Red

2) Likers

3) Prospect ; and

4) Perfect zones


We can set two dimensions as Practice and Like of 15 attributes for Leadership.


In case of ‘Red’ zone, leadership score is 30 which means the person don’t like and practice 15 leadership attributes.


Likers’ zone means score between 31 & 45 which represents only likings of attributes not practice.


Prospect’ zone’s leadership score is 46-53 which tends to perfect zone of leadership.


Perfect’ zone of leadership means best leaders are between 54 & 60 that represent people like and practice most of the attributes. By the way, we can discuss the details of leadership attributes in due course.

And can you talk about how to enhance a confidence level?


Yeah. We can enhance our Confidence Level by following 7 steps which is part of ‘7-15 Leadership Approach


1) Focus on Leadership not only on Positional Hierarchy

2) Map Dream to be a leader

3) Check 15 Leadership Attributes

4) Connect with Mentor(s)

5) Enhance knowledge base

6) Track Leadership Score to improve

7) Sustain high level of Leadership Score


What is the P4 approach?


In fact, we can say 2P2P approach (instead of 4P) which is square diagram of four quadrants named Product, Policy, Process and People. Leaders specifically Supply Chain Leaders always focus on two things named Business Volume (in terms of Turn Over) & Initiatives (To improve/sustain) which we can mention two axis in quadrants related with Product, Policy, Process and People.


For instance, Leading organizations’ business volume is high and leaders take highest number of initiatives related with 2P2P whereas Laggard organizations’ business volume & initiatives are very low. Moreover, Initiative-focused organizations undertake more initiatives to improve their functions/business although their business volume is low means they are dreaming! to be a leader in relevant industry.


Interestingly, we find few organizations which have high business volume but very less initiatives to improve/sustain which growth might be downward sloping like slow poisoning. Finally, we can say that Prospective organizations have mid size business volume and initiatives by which they can achieve their business goals and tend to be a leader in Supply Chain. 

My last question is, can you talk about the impacts about on dreaming, dreaming to be a leader?


Yeah. Simply, there are two impacts of ‘Dreaming to be a leader’ specifically in Supply Chain


1) Confidence Level will be in ‘increasing mode’

2) Entrepreneurship mindset will be enhanced


Well, thanks for sharing today about leadership in supply chain.


Thanks for giving opportunity to talk with you. Hope, we will talk more in near future.





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