I interviewed Manzoor Alam who discussed CPak Economic Corridor - Economic  and Political Impact.







Nice to speak with you today, Alam. Looking forward today to discussing with you CPAK (China Pakistan) Economic Corridor and the economic and political impact, in which we’ll also discuss supply chain. So my first question is, regarding Pakistani entrepreneurs, do they understand the importance of supply chains?

Yeah, Pakistani entrepreneurs are well enough aware and understand supply chain’s importance. They are improving their competencies in the competitive environment as well as their services and the relationship with the customers. Hence, they are using all modern tools and skills to improve further their supply chain areas.

That’s interesting. So what about the CPAK Economic Corridor? Can you talk about what that is and what is the importance for Pakistan and also the region?

The CPAK Economic Corridor is the game changer in the region, as well as globally. It will change the life of Pakistan as well as give a remarkable impact in the regional lives. Pakistan has over 200 million population, therefore, there is no shortage of manpower to accelerate the economic progress in the shortest time. Once it’s (CPak) completed, it may be a reason of peace and stability in the whole region. CPAK corridor will reduce the transportation cost for supplies from China to Asian, Middle East and Europe as well. Pakistan will have great opportunity to practice modern supply chain tools and skills. Pakistan does not need much time to establish infrastructure or facilities for initial start as those are already existed there.

Do you have any evidence showing that the supply chain has been developing in the region?

Yeah, Pakistan has made motorways and highways links for newly established Gowadar Port, which is main focus point for CPAK. China of course is really very far from the Middle East and European markets. Through the CPAK Corridor, China can manage that timely supply to the Middle East and European market within shortest time. It will reduce significant time and will improve the customer demands on time.

Where do you see the opportunities in supply chain?

Yeah. I think there will be great opportunities, because this project fully focusing on supply chain. There will be a lot of, how I should explain it?

Oh, that looks like exciting developments that are taking place in this region.

Yeah. It will reflect a big development in the area. You know Pakistan is lacking of developments in the last two decades. Pakistan was meaning as a terrorist country, which is wrong. Through this economic corridor, you will see Pakistan can play a positive role in the global market. Through this corridor, we will also able to utilize our human resources within our own land. It will also helpful to control human illegal trafficking from east to west. 


And can you provide a brief background of yourself?

Yeah. I started my career when I joined ICI Pakistan Limited, which is the main name and probably known name in the industry of Pakistan. My career from the day beginning linked with the supply chain. I worked in the production area, then I moved to Sales & Marketing, where I have been looking after southern part of the country (Sind and Baluchistan provinces). Through the span of time, I have been engaged in the both local and international markets. I traveled Fast East Asia, South Asia and Middle East, where I have an opportunity to view the different cultures and supply chain tools. Supply chain is not only my career but it is passion as well.

And thank you for sharing today.

Thank you.

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