I interviewed Vinicius Palerosi Ribeiro who discussed The Challenges of the Entrepreneurship in Emerging Countries.







Brief background


I am Mr. Vinicius Ribeiro, from Brazil. Professional with a solid track record in Multinational Companies, passing through of the areas, such as: Supply Chain, Purchasing, Import & Export, Inventory Management, Manufacturing and Ops on general lines. As educational historical, I am IT developer technical through high school, bachelor in Administration and currently I'm writing for the Master's degree where I'll start in next Feb'15. Researching by Business Network Management. Although I have a robust background and brought huge savings for the Companies, sincerely I was not glad in acting for private Enterprise and then I'm planning for strike a defiant project to become an entrepreneur. I know this goes to bring an financial independence for me, however, also I'll face a lot of issues and I need be prepared for that.


What are the challenges?


Clearly the main challenges when you are willing to become an entrepreneur the most difficult faced is gather the total initial capital for invest in your project, this considering every nuances of the deal. I mean, be prepared for the cash flow, raw material even if it's services, in this case your raw material is intellectual capital, meet deeply all kind of fees charged around the your deal, opponents, figure out and try to foresee always what your customer is looking for. These are some of small legal requirements that we can mentioning here, but effectively the biggest challenges there are beneath of the carpet. So, in emergent countries, we have corruption, lobby by the most diverse areas and segments, no fair play between the opponents, most of the competitors plays paying your customers to buy your products, including big companies, many times this is made tacitly and no constraint. For instance who sale for the governmental organisms by legislation you are by forceps forbidden to participate of a BID where most of Companies pay for the who describe the official BID to reflect exactly its product and the remaining competitors never will win the auction, because the description of the product is toward a predictable winner already.


How do you address the challenges?


To address the challenges is needed to get resilience and perseverance, besides of try to always offer quality with the small price and by many times depend of the negotiation priceless in return of a future assured deals. Additionally is so important keep its business updated, principally to doesn't be surpassed for other offer market or new technologies with reduced cost applied, one more important thing is always be woken up regarding where you can attack to save taxes in your business, is pretty important be always with open eyes for opportunities to reroute your savings to get existent incentives that the  governs gives. Interstate transportation zones, handling ware of a point to other, kind of installment services, verify what kind of tariff your deal could leave to pay by legal means.


Where have you seen success?


This what I'll talk, I believe and trust severely that the unique way for you get success in the emergent countries without mercy of the big Companies fated to lay off anytime or never be recognized even bringing many fruits for their safes. The entrepreneurship in emergent countries, specially in Brazil is the unique manner unless if you are a soccer player or a famous singer or artist is become an entrepreneur, because in spite of all difficulties somehow all people whom I have person contact, best friends and kin, every them whose are entrepreneurs are always free of debt or bad with financially. Because though they have to working heavily to save money, no holidays per many time, no vacations, no free time to get sick and other particularities, your chance to growth is unlimited. I listened recently of an famous entrepreneur in Brazil who said with an analogy.


Like a bird in the cage !


When you are an employee, you are a bird in the cage, always you gonna have water and food, the same quantity in the same time. And be sure that this goes happening monthly.


When you are an entrepreneur and fighting to become and a successful businessman you never get 100% of sure that you have the water and food but you are out of the cage and free to fly for the unlimited gains, with a chance to become your dreams in reality otherwise as a employee you always goes donate up for a Company and they always gonna be growing theirs safes while you have that little water and food monthly with a chance of neither get this one a day if they decide lay off you.




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