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It’s nice to speak with you today, Richard. I’m looking forward to hearing about your company and the new developments. Before we start, can you provide a brief background of yourself?


Yes, my name is Richard van de Vrie; I’m the president and founder of the LUXeXcel Group. I founded the company five years ago with the intention to improve the optics and lighting industry. There is a lot of light pollution in lighting, and that’s all caused by the fact that people can’t use a customized optics data to every project or application, and that’s why we said, “Let’s design a new process to manufacture optics on the mounds.” We investigated a lot and, finally, we have invented a new base technology in 3D printing called print-optical technology, where we don’t put layer on layer that needs a lot of post processing. With our technology, it’s actually the jetting of droplets on the mounds. We decide per droplet whether we use it as a Lego block or whether we let it flow perfectly and create a smooth surface. This is a new technology to print optics on the mounds.


Can you talk more about what your company is all about?


Yes, we are trying to digitize the optics manufacturing. We have invented a completely new manufacturing process where people can upload the catch file, and we can go from a catch file directly to an optic in the printing process. People like this or you can make some alterations. With one mouse click, we can move the prototype face to the manufacturing, and we can manufacture production from just one piece to up to a few thousand pieces, all within days. This will give new possibilities to the many different optical and photonics markets.


How is your company different?


There’s no company in the world that’s able to edit manufacture optics. There is no company in the world that’s able to manufacture optics in this way. This is completely different, and we can now start from actually an online platform where we can combine the world where we could, for example, bring the optic designer together with someone in Canada who needs an optic design but we just print it. It can all be made in a digital way; your inventory can become actually your computer file. This will change the world of optics. When optics can be made in an additive way, we can decide per droplet what to do so we can create complete, new optical functions and new optical products can be designed with this process. It’s the kind if iTunes of optics.


About your process, can you talk more about what it’s about and the results that your customers will get?


LUXeXcel is, at this moment, primarily focused on the nonimaging optics, primarily on lighting. For the lighting industry, this means that we can customize all of your lighting optics, and people can work with interchangeable fixtures where we can easily change the optic in last moments to have final custom light distribution. This is new and this is giving lots of new possibilities to the lighting industry.


Thanks, Richard, for sharing. Did we cover all the points you wanted to make?


Thanks, and have a look at LUXeXcel’s Web site,, and if you have interest to incorporate, always contact us; do not hesitate.


Thank you.


Thank you. Bye, Dustin.




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