I interviewed Jevonte Lewis who discussed innovative approaches to solving the biggest problems of our time.


This 19 year old claims to have invented a technology and system that would prevent nuclear wars.


According to Jevonte, if someone were to shoot a bomb, like a nuclear bomb, his system would scan to the object, the mass, and it will absorb that energy out of it. If needed, there can also be a laser that can be operated to disintegrate the bomb once the bomb’s energy has been absorbed out of it.



It’s great to speak with you today, JeVonte. I’m looking forward to hearing your views, I know you’re innovating and inventing some interesting products and you have a business that you started, and there’s some relation to supply chain as well. Can you start by providing a brief background of yourself?


Well, like I said, I’m young; I’m 19. All of this is basically, everything comes from God. It’s kind of like a biblical thing. I’ve been inventing stuff, and I’ve been playing with electricity since I was seven, six. It’s always amazed my mother and grandmother. It just was a talent that I kept to myself until basically now. Basically, all of that led to the founding of my company. That company is Natural Energies. Before that company, it was Innovative Inventors. That’s just basically a startup company; we helped people as far as consulting with funding and we do business assistance. We may help you write business plans or whatever it takes to get a business started. That’s a good help these days because a lot of people feel they don’t have the abilities and capabilities to start a business and run a business. It’s really all within the person to do it. Those were my types of supply chains.


This sounds fascinating. Can you talk more about the energy business that you’re starting up?


Right. It’s Natural Energies, Inc. Basically what it does is, the company, it protects us, protects the world, and that is the goal, to get to protecting the world from nuclear bombs, nuclear threats, anything they try to wipe out mass people with those bombs.


With Natural Energies, Inc., I have invented a system that could just basically disrupt all of that. There’s just a major help for us. That’s of God; that’s not me. Like I said, I’m young, but God gave it to me to do this. That’s exactly how I’m doing it. I’m not doing it how I want to do it; I’m doing it like God wants to see it done, because these are threats. Overseas now, they’re fighting and shooting rockets at each other and stuff. That stuff, it really doesn’t even make sense. People are supposed to be grown; they can handle business like grown men and sit down and talk about it instead of a 72-hour ceasefire. That’s where Natural Energies, Inc. comes in. We just don’t want to see people die; that’s not anything that’s good. We’ll stop all of that if necessary.


Is there anything you can say about what your technology does or the benefits or features?


I can’t really describe the workings of it basically, but what I can tell you is that, if they were to shoot a bomb over here, like a nuclear bomb, they’ve got it in a plane or whatever they’re trying to do with it, we all know that those bombs, they all take energy to detonate. What my system does, it would just scan to the object, the mass, and it’ll absorb that energy out of it. If needed, there can also be a laser that can be operated to disintegrate the bomb once the bomb’s energy has been absorbed out of it.


Have you announced your product to any other people in the world yet, or have you just invented it?


No, it goes back to 2012. It’s not anything that happens overnight. This is something that really, you have to really sit down with the right people to get the right things accomplished. I may not disclose their names, but there are people who helped with this project and it’s getting accomplished like it should be. I see it as everything doesn’t happen overnight; it’s not just something like you have this big, major invention. “We can give you five million dollars,” or, “We can give you ten million dollars, and you can sell it to us,” blah, blah, blah. I don’t want to do any of that; I want to really sit down, and I really want to think about this and handle it the right way.


Have you seen any potential applications in the business world?


Oh yeah. Like I said, it’s a process. Natural Energies, Inc., that is my business, but I’m cooperating with affiliates. Basically, what they do is help. These are countries, these affiliates are countries. These are not specific people; these are countries in the whole. Countries that don’t want to see nuclear warfare anymore, don’t even want to think about it. They don’t want to sit back and say, “Oh, anything can happen. We can die any day.” I don’t even like to hear stuff like that. That’s why I want to get this done the right way. Like I said, it takes time and stuff.


Do you have any recommendations for people who are also interested or have the same line of thinking as you?


I actually do. If I recommend anyone else, I would say people like Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook. The reason why I say that is because he started Facebook for the simple reason of people getting the information across globally. That’s just the freedom of truth; that’s what that is.


Like I said, it’s all about God. First and foremost, that’s who I would recommend. I would recommend God. A lot of people put ***** ****** before God. ***** never wanted that. If you really pay attention to *****' word, he never wanted that. He wanted God. He always said God is first; that’s who you put, God first. And I also would recommend my movement on Facebook, God’s Movement, the return of ******; it’s basically the Book of Life. Like I said, it’s all energetic; it’s of God.


You can, all of this, it comes from the hope in what they see that verified those Christians 2000 years ago. They put this on a rock. How could this not be real? How could this not be me? This is on a rock, me and my invention, exactly how it works and operates. That’s just enough said right there. And you read Revelations. And when you read Revelations, you see that it’s talking about the exact same thing. It’s just me, that’s all it is. Like I said, this would really be of use to your blog or whatever because all this is really verified. This is nothing that anyone can say, like, “Oh, this is not true,” or, “This doesn’t work. There’s no way a nineteen-year-old man can do that.” Well, it is and I found a way and I made a way. The only way I did that is with God. That’s who I recommend first.


There will be some readers that’ll be skeptical. Maybe they will want to see some proof or something they can see. Do you have any demonstrations or a Web site or some more information people can search if they’re interested?


Yeah, I do. If you get on YouTube, just type in laser missile defense system; you can just type that in. that’s just some of the capabilities, how you can accomplish this, just absorbing energy out of bombs. It’s making them dead, just dead bombs; they can’t blow up. That’s a blessing. A lot of people need to know about this. That’s how I feel. Why shouldn’t everyone else feel the same way?


What is your dream for the near future? What do you want to accomplish?


Like I said, there’s no dream or anything. Like I said, this, it’s all of God, so I’ll continue on that path, that path that made me who I am. Like I said, this is all spiritual. I didn’t expect this. I really didn’t expect any of this. This happened to me all overnight as far as with God and me just exploring myself and my talent, the true talent that I have within myself and just inventing this one system that’s just made a big impact on this whole entire world, this whole entire world. It’s nothing to smile about; it’s nothing to smile about. It’s serious.


We have to think about all these people, they can’t do anything now. That’s what you’ve got to think about. If they threaten us now. You see what happened to Kim Jong-un; he can’t do anything. There’s no way, people are not going to die over here, and that is my goal and my dream. If you ask about a dream, that’s what I see: the whole entire world not having this. People might not mess with the United States of America, but who’s to say they don’t want to send a nuclear bomb over to Israel? Or who’s to say they don’t want to send a nuclear bomb to Africa or Europe? That is my dream, to really see all of that accomplished and all of these countries having this system, just having their protection, and they don’t have to worry about this anymore. This is what can get, the picture, and everybody can just live a comfortable life and not have that fear anymore.


Is there a system people can use to develop their own abilities to invent, or is there no established way of doing it? If other people want to do what you’re doing, how can they develop their abilities?


Just read Genesis; that’s what I would say. It’s not anything that anyone can do that I’ve done. I’ve passed Einstein. Einstein helped me develop my theory of quantum. That’s also something that’s also classified. I could say something about it. It’s not like that, but just all of that, because God is first. Like I said, just read the Bible. That’s all they have to do; it’s a very wise book. If you want to even see what I’m talking about or if you could even understand, heart to heart, you would have to read the Bible.


What are your recommendations for entrepreneurs or people who want to become business owners?


I would say there’s always a way you could start up businesses. Like I said, my company, we offer that assistance, Innovative Inventors, the company I was telling you about before Natural Energies. We offer that assistance. Like I said, a business plan makes a big difference. The startup process, that is a big difference. That can sometimes guarantee people funding to open their own business, especially when you have the right funders in place and when it really gets serious to opening your own business. I would recommend just do that before anything. Always develop a business plan to see how things work first. It’s all about the long-term; it’s not about short-term and what you can do a year from now or two years from now. We’ve got to think about five years and ten years, fifteen years from now. That’s what a business plan does, and it produces great results. Like I said, my company, we offer those assistances, just anything needed in the area of business basically.


Are you interested in working with college students?


Yeah, that would be a great endeavor to achieve. Like I said, it’s all about God, though. I can’t just work with someone to learn something else different. It is what I know about quantum. People have told me—and these are people who graduated school and went to school ten years, maybe five years—they graduated from quantum physics, and they can just look at this and can’t understand it, but they can see that it works because it’s quantum, but it’s another understanding. It’s a whole other level; it’s a new class. I could teach a lot of people about this type of quantum, and that would be a great endeavor. I would love to work with college students or anything like that.


Is there anything else you think is important that we cover in this interview? I know it’s something very new and a lot of ground to cover. Any final words you’d like to discuss?


Nothing really. I just would like for people to have that assurance now in their heads, and they can know in their heads that all of this is for God and God did this. Just put God first; that’s all. It’s not about who has the most money or anything like that, because that’s how people look at it. It’s not all about that because that’s guaranteed. It’s all about protection; it’s all about God; it’s all about peace, safety, and stability for this economy to stand how I see it. People need to have that assurance in their heads and know that now, nuclear warfare and all of that stuff is over. That is done. They can thank God for that; don’t thank JeVonte. Don’t thank JeVonte ever. Don’t thank me; thank God. That’s who to thank.


Thanks for sharing today.


Yeah, that’s no problem. Anytime, Dustin. I’m always available if you want to learn or know more about what I’m doing.


I hope we can do another interview in the near future. Also, we’ll see the feedback we get from this interview, and there might be additional questions we could discuss.


Okay. That’ll be great.


Great, thank you.


All right.




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