I just wrote a post on the Arena Blog about big picture questions to ask when launching a new product.


Answering these questions (what is the overall expected revenue, are  there additional headcount needs, etc) is often the job of C-level and  VP folks - but these aren't the only contributors to a successful new product launch.


Are there special considerations for NPI that Operations should own? Here are my suggestions, what should be added to this list?




Has Operations considered . . .




  • ·         How to kick off/manage the various production phases (proto, pilot, production)


  • ·         The supply Chain strategy—is it consigned, turnkey, hybrid or ”appliance” manufacturing?


  • ·        CM selection—should your CMs operate locally, offshore or should you go with an ODM?


  • ·         Will you build to order or build to forecast?


  • ·         Time that needs to be added for the quality assurance process


  • ·         Your production capacity requirements, plans for expansion


  • ·         The Finished Goods (FGI) Warehouse/Distribution plan


  • ·         Repair center process and costs


  • ·         How engineering and operations can contribute to cost reduction?